Fluorite from The North Pennines, England.

Fluorite from the Boltsburn Mine, Rookhope, Weardale, England.

The mineral fluorite (calcium fluoride) occurs in a wide range of geological environments in the earth's crust. The commercial commodity, known as fluorspar, is essential in modern steel-making and is the prime source of the fluorine that goes into all those wonderful ozone-destroying chemicals we are trying to wean ourselves from. It also comes in attractive, multi-colored crystals from many locations. If so desired, you too can amass a collection of them that get under foot and collect dust around the house.

But in addition to just being another website trying to sell you specimens of dubious quality, we hope to make this a reference site for all things about fluorite. Well, perhaps not quite all, as I doubt that I'm qualified to advise you on how to realign your chakras with it, or make an elixir that will cure baldness or sexual dysfunctions. That aside, I hope to be publishing articles on the mineralogy, geology, and mining history of important specimen locations. First up will be, of course, Northern England. Hopefully to be followed by more. Also presented here is an archive of material and information about activities at the Rogerley Mine between 1999 - 2016.

And in case you didn't know, "bonny bits" are what the old Weardale miners would call the crystallized specimens of fluorite, calcite, quartz, and other minerals that they would encounter while working for ore. Some would take them home as decorations about the garden, and some few even realized that they could sell them on to the tourists for a bit of extra dosh!

Mining and Minerals in the North Pennines, England The Rogerley Archieves Specimens For Sale

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