June 23, 2000

Greetings from the cold and wet Northern England. I guess it's back to normal weather wise. Makes working in the mine a delight.

Mucking went smoothly and Dave and I were finished by lunch time. The geology at the face has change with an altered band of Limestone appearing about a foot from the floor. Good sign that we are getting close to the pocket but no sign of any fluorite crystals yet. From where we started the new drift we have tunneled 25 feet.

After lunch we started drilling the next round but won't load and shoot the holes till tomorrow since Jonina didn't make a powder run today. We've had her running back and forth to Kendal almost everyday this week and she needed a break. It's a five hour round trip (at best) full of hazards, i.e., sheep on the road, slow moving trucks, fast impatient motorists and some fog on top of that. It tends to keep one on 110% alert while carrying 45 sticks of powder and 15 detonators.

Paul, Lisa, Ben and Kel arrived while we were drilling and I left Dave for a while to say hi. When I returned to help Dave, he had drill the vast majority of the 16 holes and I drilled the last 5 of them. Meanwhile, Paul, Lisa and Kel took turns watching Ben while the others explored the mine and dug in the purple pocket where Byron keeps finding more. It seems to never end. It will be nice when we fix a switch in the track and be able to drive tunnel at the face in the main drift. It is very mineralized and full of pockets which makes drilling and shooting a little tricky. The color of the fluorite there is not the brilliant green like Byron's pocket from last year but every pocket is different.

After this next round we should be able to lay another 18 feet of permanent track. And, hopefully, after the following round we will have broken into the greens.

Always trying to be safe, Jim, Byron and Jonina

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