June 26, 2000

We Have Fluorite!!

We finally have fluorite at the face in the new drift. The "flat" is now exposed and is very well defined. It start about waist high and is about 3 feet thick. There is a great deal of alteration in the Limestone and the vugs are quartz lined with small fluorites on the them. So far the fluorite is purple but Byron said that along the leading edge of the green pocket there were vugs with small purple fluorites.

After digging for a few hours by hand and were satisfied that we weren't into the greens yet so we drilled another round of holes to get farther into the zone. We loaded the holes rather lightly to do as little damage as possible to the fluorites we know will be there. I expect that after we muck out the shot we should be into the main green zone. So far, there has been no damage to the back of Byron's pocket from our blasting. We have been checking every day to make sure and will check again in the morning. After we muck tomorrow we should have the room to install another 18 feet of permanent track.

The mining has moving along smoothly and we are able to muck, drill and shoot a round everyday. The hardest part is on Jonina who has to make a 5 hour round trip to Kendal everyday for explosives. When we are definitely into the greens that will change for a while. Byron will start the diamond chain saw to remove the greens and Dave and I have track work to do to be able to get to the face in the main drift. This means installing a switch in the tracks to be able to move from either tunnel with the equipment.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm sure that I'll have better news, i.e., we have greens!

Cheers, Jim, Byron and Jonina

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