July 1, 2000

A beautiful day in the Dale today, bright and sunny. Our gloves even dried out in the sun, nice not to put on cold and wet ones.

The day was spent by Byron digging at the face, not even wild horses couldn't drag him out. The color has improved, at least while the specimen remained wet, and the day light fluorescense is a dark indigo blue. As they dried out the luster faded but may be due to a small amount of mud still left on the crystal faces. This mud is sooooo tenacious.

A couple of pieces have crystals approaching an inch in size but most plates so far are reminiscent of last year. One major difference in these specimens are some of the fluorite crystals are coated with druzzy quartz rather than the fluorite crystals on top of the druzzy quartz. These are very similar to the purple pocket. Just goes to show that the zone changes in it's mineral assemblages and the order in which each mineral is deposited.

The face has been worked back to a point that a few well placed shots are in order and tomorrow after I muck I will drill and shoot it. Yes, we are working on Sunday this week. Bill Pogue is due to arrive Sunday afternoon and on Monday he, Jonina and Byron are off to Scotland for a couple of days.

We have encountered another mud crack on the right side of the face, same bearing as all the other mud cracks we cross cut. The mineral "stream" seems to have been faulted some where because it abruptly ended against the crack. I'm not worried though. In the last 2 cracks we have encountered there was some displacement but not more than a foot or two. Can't see into the rock though, so time will tell.

We've had several visitors in the last couple of days. Peter and Yue Tutt drove in from Germany and Nick Armenti and his wife flew from the East Coast of the US. They were all like children in a candy factory, playing in the mud. You can't even walk through this mine without getting covered with mud! A good reason to wear your rubber clown suit and wellies.

Tomorrow, after I drill and shoot, I will let everyone know what we encountered.

Cheers, Jim, Byron and Jonina

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