July 14, 2000

Man, it was cold and windy today! It felt good to be in the mine out of the wind.

We continued to saw and remove pieces still exposed and accessible. I started sawing a cavity on the left side with crystals completely coated with calcite. We had hoped to remove the cavity as one piece but there were fractures we couldn't see and we ended up with several pieces instead. You can't predict how these things will break.

In the afternoon I worked the face back with a jackhammer and chipping hammer instead of drilling and blasting. We should be only a few feet away from the main cavity and blasting would shatter the fluorite making it impossible to remove any matrix specimens. We found this out when we first broke into the fluorite enriched part of the flats. We will try not to repeat that.

Dave has finished the switch and will deliver it tomorrow morning. It's a beautiful thing to see and I told him he has another way of make a living. To bad all the mining has dried up here in the Northern Pennines Ore Region. We have the only mine left in operation now in the region and it is only part time.

Nothing really spectacular came out today but we are continuing to produce specimens. Once we break into the main cavity ahead of us then production should increase substantially. That's our main objective for tomorrow, move the tunnel ahead.

More tomorrow. Cheers, Jim

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