July 7, 2000

This morning was bright and beautiful but before long the sun again disappeared behind clouds that formed by 9 AM. At least it was much warmer than yesterday and it didn't rain.

The morning started with wanting to muck but with all the hoses strung through the tunnel it looked like a spaghetti factory and there was no way to get any track mounted machines down the drift without running over lines. The first order of the day then was to organize the hoses. We have a 1 inch air line, 2 water lines and 2 hydraulic lines to get off the floor and keep out of the way of the mucker. That took several hours. The 2 hydraulic lines posed a special problem. They must be kept separate from the other lines since they get hot when the saw is in use. It looks ludicrous that it would take a 3 cylinder Perkins diesel engine to power a hydraulic pump the size of my double fist and that it takes 2200 psi of pressure to run the tiny single fist size motor on the saw itself. All that pressure moving through the hydraulic line creates a great deal of heat and so not to damage the other lines they must be kept separate.

We then timbered the section near the contact at the beginning of the flats with 6 X 12 railway ties. All this took the entire morning.

After lunch we mucked out the face and started scaling to even up the tunnel and open the pocket area for greater access. During this procedure we uncovered another fluorite seam near the floor. Now we have three producing fluorite seams, although the two lower ones are not producing the larger size. The cubes seem to be glassy and some are perched on druzzy quartz, very esthetic. Byron is dying to get to a very large fluorite cube in the back of the upper seam, but was willing wait and create more space for the use of the chain saw.

While I dug crystals at the face, Paul and Dave wrapped them as they came out and Byron used the chain saw to trim the large pieces that wouldn't fit the trim saw at the house. By quitting time both cars were full of specimens waiting to taken to the house for cleaning. Not a bad day, in all.

Just for the record; The length of the new drift is 42 feet. We started seeing altered Limestone at 27 feet and the Limestone was completely altered at 32 feet. We started digging out crystals at 39 feet. The bearing of the new drift is N20E and the bearing of the flat is approximately N42E The bearing of the 2 cracks/faults we have crossed are both around N10W.

The plan for tomorrow is to dig, dig, dig! I'll let you know what we find.

Cheers, Jim

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