August 11, 2000

The weather was beautiful today, warm, sunny and no Midges which usually accompany the nicer days.

We got the timber today or at least most of it. The 6x6s were delivered first thing in the morning and the Forman, who delivered them, ask me where we want them and I replied "just put them up by the tunnel entrance". Apparently, he didn't think much of my answer and his response was "is over there all right?" So, we started dragging them up to the adit level using the tugger, much easier than lugging them up on your shoulder up these stairs. The Forman told us the lagging, which are in 16 foot lengths, would be delivered by Alistair in his truck later in the day so we got started shaping the 6x6s for the tunnel.

While Byron sharpened the air powered chain saw Dave and I shaped one end of the 6x6s with an ax to fit a peg shaped hole. We have four holes ready near the ceiling for the timbers and will try and not use posts if we can get a good enough hold with them. Byron still hadn't finished sharpening the chain saw so we shaped another end for the second hole. Finally, when Byron finished with the sharpening, we cut the timber to fit tightly across the tunnel from wall to wall and beat the timber in place with a large sledge hammer. After they were seated, we added a stretcher between them to hold them in place and we were ready for the lagging and cribbing. By then it was lunch time and still the lagging hadn't been delivered.

After lunch Dave and went down to the mill and tied 2 pieces of lagging to the back of our car and dragged them to the mine. We were still hoping that Alistair would deliver the rest sometime soon and 2 was all we needed at the time. While Dave cut the lagging, I placed it up on the cross timbers and then cribbed the hole thing to the ceiling. First set complete. We then shaped and cut the third cross timber and were ready to lag and crib it from the edge of the first set to near the face. Alistair still hadn't delivered the rest of the lagging so Dave and I just dragged them back to the mine. By then it was time to close up and as it turned out we just made it out the gate before Alistair locked us in.

It looks like we will only need to place three instead of four of the cross pieces. This is a 'make the decision as you go' type of work. If it seems strong enough leaving one out we will. We can always add it later if we deem it necessary. We probably could have finished the timbering in the New Drift if we didn't have to keep going back and forth to the mill to get the timber that should have been delivered. Tomorrow, this job will be finished for sure and we can start placing the steel arches at the face in Mick and Lindsay's tunnel.

Till tomorrow, Cheers, Jim

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