August 15, 2000

The weather keeps bouncing back and forth between sun and rain. Even in the rain I just wear a T-shirt, I guess I'm used to the summer weather here now. In the early mornings it can get cold enough to don a sweater but soon enough it gets peeled off.

I took Bobbi to the airport early in the morning and was able to get back to the house in time to take everyone to work.

Today, the concentration was in the New Drift. We mucked it out and then drilled 6 holes, 4 in the face to even it up and 2 lifters in the bottom of the hole Byron is working in and shot it midmorning.

From the outside the shots sounded loud and really shock the ground even though the first holes had only a half stick each. When the shot has a lot of room to break to, the sound intensifies. We thought we may have done some damage to the pocket nearby, but everything was in order and no damage was detected.

From the muck pile, Dave and I installed our last cross piece to complete the lagging to the face but didn't have enough of the lagging to completely cover the ceiling. We will order another 6 pieces to finish off this drift and to do some more lagging and cribbing in Mick and Lindsay's tunnel.

Before we could set up to drill, we had to move all the large specimens, waiting to be trimmed with the diamond chain saw, outside. Byron then set up the saw near them and he and Vitek set to work trimming the pieces and getting rid of the waste rock while Dave and I worked in the tunnel.

When we got as far as we could with the timbering, we mucked the drift clean again so Byron could go back to work in the cavity on Wed morning.

I'm not sure when we will get our order of timber, but the is priority is to finish the New Drift for Byron to work in and then Dave and I can concentrate on pushing Mick and Lindsay's tunnel further.

Cal, Kerith and Richard came up in the afternoon to do some screening of the mud for smaller crystals and to sort the pieces Byron and Vitek were trimming. Kerith also told me that they came figuring that they could take one person home so we wouldn't have to shove 4 large men in a 2 seater car, which was appreciated.

We are trying to finalize our plans on whether or not to extent our stay or not and should come to a conclusion by Friday. If we don't stay longer we have about three weeks left to dig, close the mine and pack everything for shipping. Not much time. If we do extend our stay it will be for another 2 weeks which will then give us about 5 weeks left. We will know on Friday.

Well, that's about all for today. More tomorrow. Cheers, Jim

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