August 2, 2000

A little blistery this morning with a blowing drizzle but it brightened up by the end of the day. I'm not sure whether I want to go back to SoCal with it's 100 degree heat and fires burning all over the place.

Dave and I mucked out Mick and Lindsay's tunnel and drill a few holes to square up the face. We have been peeling off the right hand wall to curve slightly in that direction, trying to avoid the lack of tunnel support on the left side where the GBH purple pocket was and the "Crack of Doom" is. The area is incredible mineralized, there is galena everywhere with many pockets of differently colored fluorite crystals. The color isn't great and there is a lot of crud in these pockets so there has been little collecting. The shoots were set off at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Byron has open up a cavity near the floor in the new drift. It's really brecciated and bars out easily. He encountered a water course that ran through the pocket and pulled out one specimen that has rounded crystals, as if someone put it to a grinding wheel. He had dug out so many specimens by lunch time that Dave and I sat and wrapped specimens for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Can't tell what kind of quality they are, some appear to be clean and others are heavily coated with limonite. Just when we thought it had pinched out it opens up in a lower level.

After I set a full square set in the center where most of the fluorite has been coming from we will open the "flat" up to the west and connect Byron's pocket from last year with the new drift. There appears to be a lot of good collecting left there and we're not sure what the distance is to the back of last year's pocket. It's now the first of Aug and we have basically 4 weeks left to collect before we start closer and packing the specimens into a container.

That's about it for today, more tomorrow. Cheers, Jim

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