August 26, 2000

I'm not sure it is because of the country fair that started today in St. Johns Chapel but it rained all last night and all today and was a very cold storm. The weather is supposed to be the same for tomorrow also, I guess it's because it's the last day of the fair, and then fair and sunny on Monday.

This was a real country fair. There were contests for poetry, baking (it was hard not to test the winner as you walked by them), home made wines and beers, stitching, knitting, crafts, decoupage, eatable jewelry (yes eatable), finger painting, photography and of course my favorite, penmanship. It took about an hour to see the whole show and was actually quit fun. There were horse exhibits and sheep exhibits and a falconry exhibition. There were also a few rides for the kids and the kids at heart. Cal calls them 'ride and barf'. The bumper cars were really popular and it seemed that it was the same group of kids that were always the driving the cars hell bent to smash into each other. It will be open on Sunday but the main events were all on Saturday.

Well, Mick and Lindsay's tunnel is all cleaned out and we won't be working in there again until next year. Of course, it didn't go smoothly, the 'tub' ran off the tracks more then a half a dozen times. It happens once in a while but not as often as today. The wheels seemed to just run over the lip of the track and off it went. We eventually used the mucker to gently push the car around the 1st curve in the tunnel before hooking up to the tugger outside and finish pulling it to the dump. Dave seems to think the bushing between the wheels and chassis we had replaced are worn out again. OK, granted we replace them before with pieces of old 3 inch hose I cut into pads but I thought they would last till the end of our mining season. Guess I was wrong.

Byron broke through to the pocket from last year. We all thought that we were some distance to the north of that pocket, just goes to show you how far off you can be underground. There is still a lot of fluorite to dig and we will be digging until it is time to pack everything and ship it. Tomorrow, Dave and I will muck out the New Drift and finish the timbering at the face. Sunday will be Dave's last day for mining, he's leaving next week for the Isle of Man for a motorcycle race his mate is in and won't be returning until next weekend. He will be helping us with the loading, hopefully. Sometime during the next week Jesse and I will map the entire mine and tie all of it together.

Since we are working on Sunday you'll be hearing from me sooner rather than later.

Cheers, Jim

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