August 27, 2000

In contrast to yesterday, today was nice but still a bit cool. In less than 2 weeks we will be back in sunny SoCal wishing we had brought some of the coolness back in a jar or something. We're going to miss this place but will be back next year for another 3 to 4 months.

Today was Dave's last day working with us so we did the jobs that takes two people to do efficiently. We mucked out the New Drift and finished the timbering there also. The ore car stayed on the tracks today and we only had to repair the main air line once. Not a bad day. Since Byron couldn't work in the pocket while we were mucking he wrapped the large specimens that he had trimmed and put them into the container for storage till we pack them into the shipping container.

The day ended when the compressor ran out of diesel, we have more but we were to meet Cal and Kerith for lunch before they leave for London to catch their flight home, so we packed it in for the day and went back to the Golden Lion for Isabelle's great Sunday lunch.

Tomorrow is a digging for fluorite and packing day. This will continue till the very last moment before we take the specimens to New Castle to put in the shipping container and send them home.

More on what we find as we dig them. Cheers, Jim

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