August 30, 2000

We're batting a thousand, another beautiful day here in the Dale. With weather like this it will be hard to leave.

Today I spent the entire morning trimming the larger pieces outside on the platform using the diamond chain saw. We have literally 100s of pieces that have been sitting around for months and now, with a few days remaining, I have pretty much trimmed everything that we will send back. The only material that needs trimming and wrapping is what Byron is currently digging out.

Near the end of the day, after everything that was trimmed and wrapped, we looked at the pile of tubs of smaller pieces and individually wrapped larger pieces and started adding up the space required to ship all of this. It was then decided that we would dig no more, otherwise we won't have the room to ship them. You might say we stopped digging because we have to much material. It's hard to stop digging when there is still nice stuff coming out.

The cavity seems to be opening up to the north, as I said yesterday, and in the face also. I know if you give Byron five minutes alone, he'll be back in the pocket digging, he just can't stop. Is there a mineral digger's anonymous out there?

The loading date was confirmed today and everything is ready except for water gunning the last few smaller pieces and wrapping for shipment. Hopefully, if everything goes well, we will be able to take a few days off and relax before we board our plane for home.

More later as we finish up our final procedures before leaving Beautiful Northern England.

Cheers, Jim

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