September 4, 2000

Well, the weather was nice to us and the loading and shipping went well in the sunshine. It is now sweater AND jacket time in Northern England, much colder than just a few weeks ago. It's like the 1st of Sept was the turning point in the climate and now winter starts. Maybe it's to get the kids back in school, which starts tomorrow.

The fully loaded container is on it's way to Long Beach! We only had to handle the material once, thank God, it was loaded into the container with a fork lift. David Featherstone, the transporter, said he thought there was about 5 1/2 tons of rocks, and one double drum slusher, on the back of his lorry. I think we've more than doubled last year's production which means a lot of work cleaning and preparing when the shipment arrives in the US. I'll think about that after I get back to SD.

The people who loaded the container were not the shippers, but were used for a loading facility since their proximity was the closest to our location. The only hitch we had today was waiting for three hours for the container to arrive to be loaded. As with most all the people we've met here in England, they were very helpful and friendly. The General Manager came out and talked with us, apparently, they've never gotten a load of fluorite before and he wondered what it's use was and what it looked like. He came out several times to see if things were going all right and we've invited him to visit the mine next year.

This will be my final report on our adventure here in beautiful Northern England. I'm looking forward to returning next year, if for nothing else, to see all my new friends I've made in the last three and half months while here. Over the last few months writing these reports I've always started out with the weather. I've done this to egg all our friends back in sunny California while they had a heat wave going on there as well as this is a major topic talked about in England. The English weather is always changing and is the first conversation talked about in any pub. It's a bit cooler than I'm used to (but I liked it) and I can only imagine (and only want to imagine) what their winter is like. Everybody is talking that this year they will have a proper winter, which means snow, something they haven't had for several years.

I hope that these reports have been enjoyable as well as informative and I hope everybody tunes in on our next adventure.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?


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