Hello All:

We have a bright clear and Cold morning going. Apparently the weather is supposed to clear up a bit, but the cold will stay. There are rumors of snow in Scotland. The reason we worry about Scotland, is that it isn't all that far away. About 30 miles. So people worry when there are reports that it may snow in Scotland.

Jesse got off early this morning, without either Byron nor I aware that he had gone. He has a long drive to London, and then a long flight home. We'll see him about 2 weeks. By then the general public should be missing his reports. But the good news is that he left me photos to send along with my reports.

Byron is getting ready for today. We have our first official day of visitors. Bill and Diana Dameron are here. They are from the Portland, OR area. They are well known to the crew. They have stopped on there way home from a trip to Sweden. We also have Blair and Jennifer Campbell as well. They are stopping in after a week digging at Arbeia, in South Shields. Complements of Earthwatch. Arbeia is a Roman ruin that is being excavated near Newcastle. They are a direct result of ...If your in the neighborhood...when they visited us in the room at Tucson. They were excited to find that our schedules meshed. So we will be seeing them this morning as well.

On to the technical details. Byron and crew are mucking and scaling the East tunnel. There is fluorite showing on the face. Which is always good. The boys have run out of timber, until Monday. At which time they will finish re-timbering a couple of spots. They are also cleaning the area in front of the pocket in the West tunnel. They are going to open that area and come into the pocket from there. The idea being to give Byron more room to work and have a bolt hole should it be needed. On Monday I will check on the progress of our permits and put a powder order in for the bunker.

Anyway the Dales are beautiful as usual and we look forward to another beautiful day.

Talk to you again tomorrow.

Cheers Jonina and Byron.

A Weardale traffic jam.

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