Hello All:

Its an overcast day that looks as though it might clear up a bit. Byron and I played tour guide yesterday. The Dameron's and the Campbell's were our guests of honor. Bill and Diana were gleefully covered in mud when I arrived with the Campbell's yesterday. Byron having met them at the gate. They were already in the company colors and covered in mud by the time I caught up with them. They had a poke at the back of the East tunnel. They were well and truly covered from head to toe in mud.

I was running slightly behind. I was to meet the Campbell's at the Durham Dales Center in Stanhope by 1015. I got through St. John's Chapel before I realized that I had forgotten my gate key. Now normally this would not be a big deal. But with the Foot and Mouth precautions in place...well. I had met no traffic on my first run down the hill, but on the second run I ran into everyone. And since these are neighbors, you can't just pass them by. Plus a two block walk back to the house from the road and back. To say the least I was late.

The Campbell's were patiently waiting at the Center. Having already discovered Gem Craft. Scott told them to be patient, that things take time here. I recognized Mr. Campbell from Tucson. His wife took a few minutes more, but no problem. The run a rock business out of their home in Toronto, Canada. He used to be with the Agriculture Department. So he is interested in the standing of the F&M outbreak. He was advised not to come to the UK. Anyway, he and his wife are inveterate rock hounds and have travel far and wide (Herkimer, Coober Pedy, etc.) to self collect.

I gave them a tour of the mine and soon had them covered in mud as well. Fun was had by all and everyone went home happy. The Campbell's are on their way to South Shields-Arbeia, and the Dameron's were on their way to the Durham Cathedral. The Dameron's will be here a few more days, and then on to York.

Meanwhile; its Sunday. Byron and I thought that we would go explore Barnard Castle. We have seen the ruins and the Bowes Museum, but would like to explore some of the shops and pubs. So that will be our day. Back to work tomorrow.

Cheers from the Great North

Byron and Jonina

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