Hi Gang:

Byron and I explored Barnard Castle yesterday. We started with a very pleasant drive over the Moors to the Tees Valley. Lunch was at The Golden Lion (c. 1679). Great food and the beer was okay. Nice interior. We then wandered down and through the shops to Dave Rennison's Shop. We were going to look a tourmaline for him, but it had sold already. Bought two barites. So fun for all. He will be up on Wednesday to pick up the rocks he purchased. We then wandered down the bank to look in the antique shop windows. Most of the buildings in town are circa 1600 - 1800. Cute little town. Some of the shops were open and we wandered about. Meandered back to the Market square and into the Turks Head (c.late1700-mid 1800's). Food smelled great, and the beer was good. The interior is great, really comfortable and old, without being worn. We decided that was the best one. We walked a bit more and had ice cream. The park in town was packed, not being too many places for a person to go right now. Was a bright day with scattered clouds. We made a full circuit of town and headed home. A book and 2 rocks later.

We decided to stop in the Golden Lion (the one in St. John's Chapel) on the way home. One of the incomers - a man from Cornwall 30 years ago - was busy buying everyone drinks. He was headed home to Cornwall for the first time in 45 years. Good conversation was had by all, but we felt it was time to head home for dinner. When we left things were still going. All in all a great day. Who knows where we will explore next weekend.

Cheers Jonina and Byron

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