June 13, 2001

Hi Gang:

It was a nice day yesterday, and it looks as though it might continue today. High clouds that are somewhat gray, but no real threat. There is only the hint of a light breeze. Now having said that, and being day two.....

I worked in the garage all day yesterday. It was so nice that I didn't want the day to get away. It can be hard working in there with the wind and the rain on a normally blustery day, but a day like yesterday needs to be taken advantage of to the fullest. I had fun. I didn't get cold and the music on the radio was nice. I listen to BBC2 during the day. I just chuckle at the traffic reports of accidents and rush hour. Rush hour up here usually consists of two to three cars, or sheep in the road, etc. The worst traffic jam is when one tries to get through Westgate or Stanhope. Both towns have narrow main streets and cars parked half on the road. If you have a lorry coming it can be a tight squeeze, but over and done with in seconds. The way traffic and traffic laws are designed here is to keep traffic moving. If the gap is on your side then you have right of way, etc. The sole exception of this would be Blue Circle Cement Trucks. They have their own rules. Generally, makes for very efficient movement. Very seldom is there a back up. Those usually occur where there is actually a light. There are no traffic lights in the valley. The nearest is Crook and the other end of the valley towards the M1. About 23 miles. As you head back into civilization. The others are farther away. Anyway enough of that diatribe.

Today I'm going to take advantage of the weather again. I have to fine tune a couple of specimens for David Rennison. He is coming tonight to retrieve his purchase. Otherwise business as usual.

The evening entertainment consists of a giant jigsaw puzzle that Jesse bought for me. It is the Geological Survey of the British Islands. This thing is huge and needs to be worked in sections. Its on the living room floor upstairs. The only table that would hold it is the dinner table, but I have been banned. The problem is that some of the pieces are so close to a fit, that until you have to have the surrounding pieces otherwise you don't know if they are in the right place. The two short borders of the rectangle are white and driving me nuts. I should be senile soon. Byron is just as perplexed. Thanks Jesse, wish you were here.

We have a slight snag in the blasting permit process. The phone line to the bunker is still awaiting connecting by British Telecom. Mike is chasing them down. We can't get powder until they hook us up. British Telecom (BT) is as bad as PacBell. Once this happens then I can get powder and Byron can wreck havoc.

Yesterday Byron continued to dig in the Dragon Tooth pocket in the back of the East tunnel. He has traded up his favorite piece for another even better piece. These big greens have gemmy sides and fluoresce brilliantly, but they have the white middles. I am just starting to clean the first ones. Great galenas, not shiny, but really great shape and smooth gray finish. I'm looking forward to getting the six tubs he brought yesterday into the process. Just for the record I already have a garage full, and have no more room. I am beginning to box specimens this week. About six weeks earlier than before. Hurrah! The A's continue to be elusive, but there are some really good B's. The boys cribbed the west end of the pocket and pulled down and re-timbered the roof there in preparation for blasting open that area. They are going to work on the West tunnel and prepare us for an insurance survey.

Anyway we need to get out the door. Talk to you again soon.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

The garage at Little Allercleugh with the first week's catch laid out and awaiting Jonina's attention.

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