June 14, 2001

Hi Gang:

This is going to be a short one. The weather is still gray, and the sky has dropped a bit. I expect that we'll get a bit of rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be ugly. We shall see.

Basically I worked all day in the garage. Still wanting to take advantage of the great windless weather. Cleaned two tubs full of the Dragon Tooth pocket materials. The verdict is still out on them. They do not appear to be pitted, but the surface crude is giving me a problem. It is really hard to remove in some cases. I need a couple of them to dry, so that I can get a good look. Otherwise I am trying to cycle minerals through the cleaning process as efficiently as possible. That was basically my day. The only funny thing was the birds. We have a bunch of young starlings, that haven't discovered yet that humans can be a threat. They kept trying to fly through my watergun spray, I think to find out what it was. They would then see me and run for the hills. Young birds are really funny creatures. I also saw my first curlew yesterday. I've been hearing them for two days, but hadn't seen one. They are supposed to be the true indicator of summer here.

Byron finished the Dragon Tooth pocket. It appears to be pinching down. Needs to saw out some floor plates, but thinks its basically finished. He brought me six more tubs of minerals to clean. The guys continued timbering in the West tunnel. Anyway I would say business as usual.

Cheers and Happy Day,

Jonina and Byron

"I'm sure if I hit this thing hard enough, I can get it to fit!"

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