June 15, 2001

Hi Gang:

This is going to be a really short one. I ran some errands and then retreated back into my garage. I have many buckets waiting for me. I'm not complaining mind you. Just amazed at the output. The radio kept blaring that ALL of the UK, except for the very north of Scotland was going to have torrential rains. It was foggy and not so cold most of the day, but the rain began to fall toward evening. Not what I would call torrential, but that could always change. I got work from Mike that we are going to get powder today. I have to be in Kendal by 10:00am. So I leave at 0800. But at least things can now go boom.

Byron decided to crawl out of the face in the East tunnel and let the guys scale and muck. He began poking at the West tunnel. Found two small pockets that had been missed last year. They are both near the face. We now officially have our 2 first A pieces. About 3x3 inches. They are two plates, with one or two eraser size clear cubes. Small but gemmy. They were in a pocket on the vein. So a bit of good news. Today they will muck and drill, in preparation for blasting on Monday.

That is it. We are ever working.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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