June 16, 2001

Hi All:

Yesterday was quite a day. I left before 0800 in a pouring rain for Kendal. Yes, we have powder. Byron took me to the gate so that I should at least start the trip reasonably dry. It took 2 hour just to get there. That was a fast trip. Then the fun began. I met Lindsey at his house, which is on the outskirts of Kendal. That part was easy. We then played follow the leader through Kendal to Mike's house. Rush hour was still in full swing and half the town is one way and the other half is the other way. To top it off there is a river running through the middle of town. You have to know where to cross. Lindsey knows all of this of course, but I don't. So I'm trying to follow him and not kill anyone. I don't drive in towns very often. Generally avoid them. I'm brave, but not that brave. So eventual we got to Mike's house, just as the delivery showed up. Good timing. Then it was follow the leader back to the road out to the highway. Took one hour. The trip home was another two and half hours. By the time I get to the valley, I am generally anti-social for a while. Went to the Height's Quarry and dropped our powder. Talked to Richard and Colin. Both we trying to figure the blasting sequence for 23 fifteen foot holes that they are going to blow on Monday. For anyone not acquainted with blasting techniques, there is a pattern that has to be considered anytime you blast. The pattern depends on how much rock and your ultimate goal. Since it is a quarry they need relatively small rubble. So they need to time the pattern to gain the best small breakage of the rock. They were glad to see me and have a break. Then I went to Fairless, Wolsingham, Stanhope and finally home. Long day and I still had computer work to do. I was done in by 5pm. Never made it to the garage.

Byron on the other hand was really glad to get ready for blasting on Monday. He and the guys drilled 21 holes in preparation for Monday. They are more than ready to move some ground. Most of the holes are at the face of the West Tunnel. They also have a few at the floor of the west entrance of the Black Sheep pocket. They were busy all day. Byron is cleaning up the specimens at the face of the East Tunnel as well. Looks like the garage will soon burst. Glad to see all this rock so early in the season.

Anyway Byron and I are going to play hooky for a day or so. We are going to go the Edinburgh and then down the Northumbrian coast. We will be gone until Monday. This is the only free weekend, before everyone starts visiting, so we are going to take advantage of it. I'm not looking forward to driving in Edinburgh, but life's an adventure right?! See you all on Monday.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron.

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