June 25, 2001

Hello Everyone:

We seem to be experiencing some sort of summer here. The inside of the house is too warm. There is this yellow thing in the sky, and a lot of red people on the ground. We actually slept with the windows open in the living room. It is a bit hazy, but the weather is still going strong. I expect next the farmers will complain that it is too dry. Cliff the Shepard is due back from vacation in Spain soon. I expect the weather will break when he arrives.

Yesterday was a full workday for Byron and me. He helped trim all of the unwieldy pieces in the garage. Took most to the morning. Then he ventured off to the mine for a while. Collecting Galena for Killhope. They are trying to organize a pick-up for Wednesday. They have to come during the week, because the weekends are prime time for them. This is one trip that they have too many volunteers. We have seen the galena leave in some very interesting vehicles, including a Mercedes. I worked in the garage. I had a lot of material in the baths that needed to come out. We have some nice material. Byron has found yet another area to poke in on the east wall of the East tunnel. Mid-range materials. Volume-wise we should have plenty of material. We are going to venture on to work. Talk to everyone soon.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

Dave and Byron hauling timbers up to the mine with the winch.

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