June 27, 2001

Hi Everyone:

Yesterday’s rumblings were very quiet. For the second night in a row we were able to sleep with the windows open. Thank goodness flies sleep at night. Because of the warm weather, we now have flies that would only appear in August. They are not too bad, because there are no cattle in our field.

Yesterday was quiet in many ways. Dave has a training course for three days, so Byron is quietly poking. We had an insurance surveyor up yesterday. He met Byron at the gate and proceeded to check our security and safety. On the phone I got the impression that he was not really interested in going into the mine. He and Byron got talking, and lo and behold turns out that he was a coal mine employee for many years. Nineteen years of experience as an engineer. Coal mines are really rough to work in. Personally I am not interested in ever working or even visiting one. Anyway, they had a good talk and he decided that he just had to look. So into the mine he went...in Wingtips. Turns out that he owns Steel Toed Wingtips. Byron thought that those were nifty. Personally, so do I. He came out virtually un-muddy.

For me it was more of the same. I worked in the garage. Jeremy, Clifford and Malcolm worked on the track to the houses yesterday. With cattle movement so restricted, there is more time to do repairs that have slipped. The footpaths in our area have reopened, against the farmers wishes. They feel that there is still too much risk. North Yorkshire has a second-generation outbreak going that many feel was due to the paths opening too soon. We shall see, and continue to endeavor to do what we can to stop any outbreaks here. I had all three of them into the garage to look. They were quite fascinated.

Onto work for both of us. With some luck Killhope will be in today to get their lead. We have a great pile waiting for them. I think we can supply them for the summer. Talk to everyone soon.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

The source of all this excitement.

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