June 28, 2001

Hello All:

Today's missive will be short. The weather is nice and breezy. On BBC2 they had a man from Lancaster(sp?) who is supposed to be and amateur weather guide. He says that the next 10 weeks are supposed to be mainly sunny and warm. I hope he is right. It has been really nice, being able to open windows. Clifford says that this man is usually right on. He is known even up here, and people take him seriously. He is a physical Farmer's Almanac. I may get spoiled this summer.

Byron has been mucking out the tunnels in anticipation of a visit from Killhope. They had a meeting to discuss a trip, and are now coordinating all of the players. So should be soon. They have a lot of people that are volunteers. So have to coordinate a great many schedules. But they always have fun once they are there. They devote a great deal of time and energy in trying to educate people about the history of the Weardale Valley. I for one appreciate their endeavors. Byron had a guest in the from of David Harker(?) and a friend from Leeds University. He is a local spar box maker. They had a good visit. Byron is looking forward to drilling and blasting tomorrow. It looks as though they are going to blast the West tunnel face first. Byron says that except for the Solstice and Black Sheep pockets, that he has cleaned out most of the poke holes in both tunnels. There is mineralization in the face of both tunnels. The one in the west tunnel is producing more galena then ever seen before. I'm looking forward to what will come.

I worked in the garage and listened to Clifford move sheep all over the place. His niece was helping him. It was the first time I had seen her this year. Because we started with minerals so early this year, I haven't caught up with everyone yet. I figure by the end of the summer I will know how everyone is doing.

Today is errands and waiting for Bill to come from the airport. As I said this is a short message. Hope everyone is well and happy.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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