July 14, 2001

Hi Gang:

Its me again. Jesse went home really early this morning. Bill is due to leave tomorrow. Meanwhile Cal and Kerith are on their way in this morning. Its time for the changing of the guards.

Yesterday, Byron and the guys blasted the Eastern tunnel. They were not able to muck because the 'fixed' compressor would not start. Dave was saying short of operating on the thing, it was dead. We decided that since it's a rental, that it wouldn't be prudent to operate. So Monday morning I get to put some pressure on the compressor guys. Meanwhile, on the West tunnel, Byron found a thin line of green on the left side of the face. He brought home a small piece about one inch. It has glassy faces and the corners are glassy, but the centers are white. Still, in all, a nice teaser. He says there are a couple of really nice ones still exposed on the face. They appear to be gemmier. Monday should tell. Mostly a cleaning sorting and packing type of day. They let the round off at the end of the day and retired to home and office. We had a quiet dinner at home and a good 'catch-up' night. Today we are going to a memorial for a friend here in the valley. Then we will have Byron, Bill, Cal, Kerith, Jeremy, Phillippa and myself for a small barbecue. Sort of quiet weekend. Hope all is well. See you tomorrow.


Byron, Bill and Jonina

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