July 15, 2001

Hello Everyone:

Yesterday was a quiet day. We attended a funeral/wake for a friend here in the valley. It was a wet rainy day. Not cold, but defiantly drippy. We were supposed to meet by the call box in Westgate. We then hiked a mile up a footpath in this rain for Cliffy's send off. If I had known about the hike I would have advised wellies for everyone, but we gamely hiked up in our street shoes and good clothes. It was worth the hike. Cliff had asked his family to put a bench with a red geranium in one of his old hiking boots up on his favorite foot path. This hike is well worth the walk, and the site was enchanting. Byron and I will return later this summer to really get a look at the area. We then retired to the Pack Horse Inn and had a pint in his honor and donation to the Cancer Society.

We then got the grub ready for a dinner with Jeremy, Phillippa, Byron, Cal, Kerith, Bill and I. We had five different types of sausages, salad and pasta. We spend a few hours catching-up. Was a lot of fun. Then it was an early night. Bill had to pack and leave at 0400. I saw him off and went back to bed. Today we packed rocks that are ready to go home. Byron went to the mine, and Cal followed soon after. Talk to everyone tomorrow.


Jonina and Crew.

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