July 16, 2001

Hi Everyone:

It is a cool clear crisp day. Going to be a great day to work in the garage. Yesterday was a rest day. Still got an terrible amount done. Cal, Kerith and I wrapped all of the material that were upstairs. Then Cal hightailed it to the mine. Byron was already there. They consulted on the direction the mining should go and ogled all of the fluorite zones. We have a great amount showing.

Kerith and I went to look at her new abode - Braeburn. The Drapery was sold last year. The Braeburn is quieter and larger. Lots of steps though. Typical up and down for England. We then went to the weavers - The Crompton's. We chatted for a while and caught up on news and new grandchildren. From there we went to the Durham Dales Center to see Marie at GemCraft. Then to the tourist office. Gathered lots of information, including fishing information. Then to Frosterley, to the Craft Building. A place that I had been meaning to stop into for two years. It was nice. We met a gentleman who is in the process of turning an old church into a self catering cottage. It is supposed to sleep seven, but we are not quite sure. It is a really nice place. Anyone need a place to stay? High ceiling and a huge fridge. It even has a clawfooted tub! From there we went to see if Kirsty and James might be home. They weren't though. We saw a deer in a field along side the road. The first I've seen this year. Then back towards Braeburn. I set up the computer for Cal. The connection was not behaving properly. But everything should be fine now. Now if I can get the phone machine sorted out.

Byron had built my new table. It is great. Should take care of some of the clutter problem, and give more room to work. Byron and I had a quiet night at home. Snack night. It was the first night in awhile we had to ourselves. Today is a regular work day.

Hope everyone is well. Talk to you soon.


Jonina and Byron.

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