July 26, 2001

Greetings from the Pennines,

Today it was actually warm, probably as nice a day as I have ever seen in the Dales without being too hot (that being defined as 80 F or more).

A very busy but uneventful day. Richard and I drove up to Little Allercleugh to do a bit of sawing and watergunning; caught Jonina doing dreaded bookwork and making phone calls. She had located some much needed 2" reinforced rubber hose that could withstand 100+psi and I agreed to go to Blaydon (Newcastle area) to pick it up. Kerith remained behind at Burnbrae to meet our landlady Ann Robson. About 11:15 we quit and scooted down the hill - late the previous day they had moved sheep into the fields which had been hayed earlier in the week - we now have dozens and dozens of moving white targets on the road in and out of Little Allercleugh and an extra two gates to contend with. Got back to Burnbrae in time to meet Ann and get off by just after noon.

Without getting lost we found the hose people, then decided to visit the CostCo in Gateshead about 3 miles away and on the way there stopped at a TGI Friday's and had bacon cheeseburgers - mind you the bacon is English and the cheese is Ementhaler but very good for a burger starved crew; one of the menu items inclued fajitas with coriander mash (I think it is guacamole with leaf of the coriander not the seed but none of us were swayed by the possibility of a new culinary experience. CostCo there is much the same as CostCo here except you can get buckets of fresh frozen cockles and vegetarian hagis etc.

We drove from CostCo to Durham in time to walk around a bit and then see the cathedral with all the Frosterley marble columns out of our quarry and attend the 5:15pm evensong sung by the boy's choir - very restful and I must admit to nodding off once - well maybe twice. We noted that the Cologne, Germany philharmonic is there on Monday next to play Vivaldi's Four Seasons, the Pachobell overture and some JS Bach so we are planning on going over again for that, I think the cathedral would be a great venue for music.

We stopped in Stanhope on the way back at the much recommended Chinese take out that also does fish and chips - it must be good because it was a half hour wait and a long line in this dinky little side street shop. However, our various orders of friend rice and Chinese satay were great!

Back to Burnbrae to eat then up to Little Allercleugh to drop off all the hose etc. we had purchased plus the various proteins Kerith had purchased for Sunday's BBQ and some cookies etc. Got to meet Ayla who is here for several weeks to help Jonina get a handle on the cleaning and the rest of her family. They were all just sitting down to spaghetti dinner so we quickly left and got back home to Burnbrae for the end to a long day.

Not much news at Rogerley, tomorrow is a blast day and we shall see what shows up in the old Black Sheep pocket and at the west adit face - though there is some problem with the various delay amounts we have, which may make blasting more than a bit interesting.

Anyhow, that is all from this place way north of Lake Woebegone, Cal

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