August 1, 2001

Greetings from the hot Pennines,

Yesterday was actually too warm, that is after you get used to the English definition of Summer.

Not much to report. We got up to Little Allercleugh around 9:30 to find David Rennison already there with a friend from the Sheffield area. Dave picked out some specimens for consideration. His friend had a trunk full of fluorites from various mines in the north, a few superb pieces collected over the last thirty plus years but they were available only for trade not sale. Must say however, if they are any sample of what he has the collection may well be the finest fluorite collection in England.

Jonina had a return call from a fellow who has sold up rail and sleepers in the past informing us he had a small drill and more rail for sale so after David and friends left I drove over to the Rogerley mine and picked up Dave and drove to the Brough (pronounced 'Bruff'); got back about 5 in the afternoon and took a look in the mine. Byron had spent the day sawing up large pieces lining the tunnel and the two of us packed about as much as we could put in the wheelbarrow and called it a day. For the real adventures of the day tune in to Jonina's email, all I can say I'm glad I was 50 miles away.


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