August 2, 2001

Greetings from the Pennines,

A nice day, temperatures near 74 (warm) light winds and puffy clouds though the overcast built through the day till light rain started about 6:00p.m. and it is forecast to build to thunder showers tonight.

Kerith drove Richard Busch and I up to Little Allercleugh about 9:00a.m. to start sawing and watergunning while she drove to Consett, about 18 miles from here, to pick up some needed groceries for the Mexican feast tonight with Byron, Jonina, Richard and Isabelle from the Golden Lion pub and Ayla. She even found tequila and margarita mix so it should be a fine night. Kerith got back about noon and we left to have lunch and about 1:00p.m. Richard and I left for Killhope to see the sparbox exhibition and left Kerith to do the prepartions for the meal. About 3:00pm we left Killhope and went to the Durham Dales Center to meet Roy Foerster and Mel Hindin and their English friends Bob and Mari and all of us drove up to the Rogerley mine.

Dave and Lofty were busy putting in the timber at the west adit face; Byron was collecting in the West Crosscut pocket. We did a quick tour of the mine for everyone and then settled into the Black Sheep Pocket to go through the rubble pile. Not a lot of good material was found but one nice 3" stalactite and a couple of unusually large crystals to 1.5" on edge in clusters with purple cores and green edges that are quite lustrous. They appear to have been in the area of the original lifters 'cause all we can find a mostly bits and pieces that were blown to smithereens. But the occasional specimen shows up.... still a lot of material in the Black Sheep. At the face of the west adit a crude pocket of large crystals with aragonite, some wonderful lapidary breccia pieces of green fluorite cemented together with white aragonite and more promise of what may be to come but is not there yet.

This was Richard's last day here and he spent his time looking for interesting fluorescent material till we literally threw him out of the mine about 6:00 p.m. We take Richard to the Darlington train station for his trip back about noon; we had a spendid time with him and he really worked hard everyday watergunning from 5-8 hours. We do hope his wife, Kathy, sends him our way again.

Anyhow, that is all the new that is fit to print from this place way north or Lake Woebegone. Cal

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