August 14, 2001

Greetings from the Pennines,

A windy, warm and muggy day but overall quite pleasant and surprisingly summer-like. Kerith and I went up about 8:30 a.m. to Little Allercleugh to pack specimens and about 10:00 drove down to Stanhope to meet John Stevens from Nova Scotia and then on to the lumbermill to shanghai Alistair Ward into visiting the mine. A quick tour for all and shortly thereafter Kerith and I were on our way to Ovington in Northumberland to have lunch with Trevor and Cheilagh Bridges and peruse his extensive collection. Back home by 4:30 p.m. to meet Bill Robson one our of Burnbrae landlords and then a quick dash down to the pub about 6:15 to await Byron and find out how the day underground went.

The blast at the Birthday Pocket went as well perhaps better than you could hope for though there was at least one boulder around a ton which will need jackhammering apart before it can be put on the dump. Should be into the pocket by late afternoon tomorrow and have a chance to take a look at how we should approach the big plate. Byron spent most of the day in the West Crosscut and exposed a watercourse tube heading down but full of small fluorites, I hope to get up there tomorrow early afternoon to see how that is going and check out the face of the east tunnel.

My sister, Erin, her husband, Phil, and my two nephews - Scott and Eric arrive later tomorrow afternoon so there will be little time in the next couple of days to do much but be the good uncle and have fun playing tour guide.

That is about it from this place way north of Lake Woebegone. Cal

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