August 23, 2001

Greetings from the Pennines,

Today was actually hot by local standards, near 75 and with practically no wind and a perfect Indian Summer day.

Stan Esbenshade left early, we really appreciated his help underground and wished he could have stayed longer. Kerith and I went up to Little Allercleugh around 8:30 a.m. and with Veronica spent the morning packing specimens. I watergunned a couple of the large plates that Byron had managed to extract with the chainsaw. Around 1:30 p.m. I met Ralph Sutcliffe at the DDC in Stanhope and we had a quick tour of the mine and then up to view a few of the specimens. Coming back I noticed my driver's side rear tire was low once again and required copious amounts of air to bounce back. Went I got back to Burnbrae I opened the boot and retrieved the spare and found that the special 'key' needed to undo one of the lug nuts was missing but there was a number I could call to get one -- my question is what the #!*%#! you do if you are broken down on an M road without a mobile phone and do you have to wait while they ship one up? Anyhow we phone the 24 hour tire hot line and a nice fellow came out about an hour later and he too had to just jimmy the lug nut off since there are zillions of variants on these 'special keys' over here. I now have to spend my morning running to and fro to get the tire fixed instead of spending my last day up at the mine with Byron digging rocks; but then he too must run to and fro to get the various hose lines he needs for the once again dead diesel power unit for the hydraulic chainsaw.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Steve Denton of the mine inspection team late morning and once through there can proceed with my planned day or what will be left of it. We leave early Saturday morning for Harrowgate (spelling?) and must say our good-byes tonight and tomorrow and with the St. John's Chapel show starting on Friday things will be getting busy. Anyway that is it. Cal

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