August 24, 2001

My last day here was a busy one. Late Thursday I had discovered a flat and a uniquely British wayof dealing with it which left me with a tire that was only good for about 40 miles even though it was the correct size but do the the unusual key locking hub nut could not be torqued down correctly so I go up early and went to Watson's to have a plug put in the old tire; then stopped and picked up new fuel line hose for the hydraulic diesel unit then to the DDC to await Steve Denton from Her Majesty's Mine's Inspection unit.

Spent 3 1/2 hours with him. The gist of all that time is that we need to do a few things - mainly inform them when we are coming over and to give them a surveyed map of the mine- like the one Jesse is doing but likely will have to tie it in to some map. Most import to him was the fact that we did not have a second exit as required by British Mining Law but that we could present a working plan from the map showing where we hoped to have one at some future date - a year or perhaps two down the road. A few minor things like anchoring the winch to the limestone and giving it a wire cover; safety disconnects on the air lines and more railing up at the top. Overall he felt that as a small operation we were quite safe and secure - for amateurs, in fact better than a number of commercial mines. He took a few air samples which he suspected would show nothing more than some of Byron's pipe smoke. He got on to us from our web site and the link from there to Jeremy and Phillipa. Anyhow, I fill will it all in later. Cal

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