Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Good Morning:

Yesterday it poured rain until mid-afternoon, then cleared up for a sunny evening. This morning we have lots of clouds and a few patches of blue sky, meaning that it may cloud over and rain again or clear up. Most likely it will do both, though in what order I'm not sure.

Being the spring bank holiday weekend we had the annual motorcycle trails at the quarry yesterday. When Byron and I arrived there were several dozen dirt bikers roaring from spot to spot along a laid-out course in the quarry then hopping over rocks, climbing hills, and generally trying to act like mechanical show horses, while someone stands around with a clipboard keeping score. I imaging the rain and mud only added to the sense of adventure. They seemed to tire of this and were gone by early afternoon, just in time for the weather to clear.

The day was mostly one of being a grunt laborer. We mucked out the West Cross Cut, and then spent some time on the bluff above the landing bring down unstable-looking rocks. Byron, of course, could not resist collecting and by mid-afternoon was back at a spot near the east tunnel face. A lot of rock was moved to little avail, but toward quitting time he managed to get out a LARGE rock with a couple of very nice looking fluorite patches on one side. We seem to be accumulating a lot of large specimens at the mine already so I think I will nag Byron about doing some sawing today. Today's photo is of one of the smaller specimens in all its uncleaned glory.

Stopped by the pub on the way home for a quick beer and then headed to the cottage. Helped Jonina with dinner, and got Byron involved with replacing the bent arbor shaft on our table saw. The original shaft appears to have been made of a cheap soft steel, and was bent to the point that it took Byron most of the evening just to get the pulley off the end of it. A real quality piece of equipment, that saw. The only problem (aside from the fact that it is a poorly made piece of junk) is that it cost us over $2000. Another example of life in the food chain.

Today Dave is delivering our new gate, and a few other items we need at the mine. We've accumulated a good pile of specimen-containing tubs at the mine, so I thing I'll deliver these back to the cottage so Jonina can get to work. Lofty hasn't called or put in an appearance, so we're assuming he is AWOL. Dave heard a rumor that he was in a motorcycle accident about a month ago and no one has heard from him since. We'll have to discuss alternate plans with Dave today as well.


Jesse, Byron and Jonina

A smaller specimen from the Birthday Pocket.

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