June 11, 2002

Good Morning Everyone:

After a few technical difficulties I am up and running. I was going to write last night, but taken over by events. As of today we have powder and I am on the run. Mrs. Jackson (our policewoman) received the forms yesterday, but advised that I shouldn't come across and get them. Apparently the two roundabouts and the Motorway in Penrith were closed. She said that "You won't even get close to here". All I can say is this is a big area. Must have been a doozie of an incident. Here if there is a accident, they put up screens and try to keep the traffic going, if possible. Road works are what usually stop traffic. So who knows. Anyway, today I get to go on my first run.

Yesterday I had Rob Watson and Sarah Thompson here to help. They cleaned and cut every rock we had in the garage. I was really hoping that Byron was bringing more. Like I had to wonder. Rob is sawing for us, so there isn't such a backlog when Cal comes. In the past we have chained Cal to the saw. Its hard work, and shouldn't be done everyday. By having Rob to help we also don't have a backlog in the garage. I have less space, but it is better organized. So I'm quite happy. Still plenty of room for multiple people to water gun, and still run the saw. Sarah is already grading and wrapping specimens quite well. She thinks water gunning is treasure hunting, a woman after my own heart. She is smart and quick. Good addition to the team.

Byron and I went to the clinic yesterday. He has a touch of pleurisy. We are not concerned, but won't go away. So some antibiotics to clear it up. Not to worry he is hale and healthy. We then picked up Andrew for his first day of work. Lofty has literally disappeared off the face of the earth. So we arranged for Andrew to give it a try and help Dave. So far it looks good. They mucked and cleaned and laid new track yesterday. Since I am getting powder today, they will no doubt be getting ready to blast for tomorrow. Then more mineral collecting. Yeah, we are off and running. Enough for today. talk to you tomorrow.


Jonina and Byron.

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