June 12, 2002


We have a front in from Ireland. It is a bit chilly. Cold enough that I can't let the ducklings out in the pond. They have no feathers. So for now they are in the greenhouse. Sleep in our bathtub at night, this week. Bob and Mary (our land people) are on travel. So I have cat, ducks, chickens, goldfish. Beginning to see a trend here. Sounds like home. Having fun with the animals. No sheep this year.

I went for paperwork and powder yesterday. Byron and crew launched their first round yesterday. Long day, but we are underway. Diesel barrels should be in the quarry today, so they can keep going. Byron has itchy fingers. Writing this report, and then I have a list of errands to run. Sarah and Rob are busy in the garage. I should be in there this afternoon, as well. Talk to everyone soon.


Jonina and Byron

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