June 13, 2002

Hi Gang:

I had a powder run first thing this morning. So I got Rob and Sarah settled, then ran down the valley. It was a slow run.

There was a group of about 20 children at the quarry for a field trip. They were in full wet gear, helmets and goggles. It was their birthday and Christmas all wrapped up in one. Smiles all around. They had dummy holes and got to load dummy charges and see all of the crushing gear. Great fun and lots of noise. It meant that I had to wait for someone to open the bunker, but worth it, seeing the next generation of enthusiasts. Talked to Marvin at the quarry. He is one of the blasters there. Just came back from the Dolomites in Italy. He said it rained most days of his holiday. Apparently its been quite wet in Europe, as well as here. Keep this in mind Jesse. He wasn't too far from St. Marie Aux Mines.

I finally got to the mine. We graded the road into the mine. Which would be fine, if it would quit raining. It is wet and soggy. On the other hand, the orchids are wonderful. Larger than usual. Still wish I could bring one home. When I got to the mine, Byron informed me that one of the four foot drill steels had broken. We will have to order another. It is a length that we use a lot. Gave them the powder and started for town. Banking day and financials. No parking. Finally snuck into a spot. I'm getting really good. The Durham Dales Centre is under construction. They have added a wing of offices and deleted parking. So more people, but less places to park. Now, the downtown streets are fuller. Next issue at the local council meeting is parking. Off I went to Fairless' for rain gear and a new steel. Then I got home. Almost two hours later. Water gunned with Sarah while Rob sawed. Then lunch....you get the idea.

We are going along each day. Byron is pulling lots of rock. Some it is quite good. Mostly, Dave, Andrew and Byron are establishing their pattern. Sarah will start going down to the mine in the next few days to learn to wrap and generally help Byron. Oh Yeah...we got a cell phone for the mine. Will make powder runs and safety easier. Not so cut off from the world. Byron or Dave can call when they need Sarah, or me to retrieve anything. Should make us more efficient.

Have a grand day.


Jonina and Byron.

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