June 14, 2002


I'm typing this one handed while I am on permanent hold with the phone company. I got a mobile phone for the mine, but it has to be activated. Oh joy. Anyway, the day is drippy and gray. But not particularly cold. Sara, Rob and I cleared the garage and did clean up. So now its time for the phone. It has been quiet here. Byron and I had a snack night last night and turned in early. I have been getting thumped nightly at cribbage.

Byron and crew did some poppers in stray rocks yesterday. They also blasted the east tunnel. Today they are going to see what shows. They will be doing this for the next few working days, as Byron and Jesse have cleaned out all of the stray places from last year. Now down to work for this year. It is looking good..according to Byron. So we will keep them supplied and ready with help. The overall materials that Byron is bring home looks good.

This is going to be short talk to you all tomorrow.


Jonina and Byron

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