June 17, 2002

Good Morning All:

I am waiting for Robinson Compressed Air to give me a call back. On Friday the compressor decided that it didn't want to start. So now I am trying to coordinate a repair call and gate access. On top of which we are trying to coordinate another appointment. So Monday begins as usual. This is an excellent reason for the cell phone, which I swear takes a child to set up. No adult is capable.

Friday the guys cleaned up from the previous days shots. They were going to drill and shoot, but that didn't occur. Obviously... Anyway, Byron did some collecting and got Dave and Andrew to muck the Black Sheep Pocket area. All hand mucking. Kept them all busy. Byron amassed a pile of rock that needed sawing. Rob, Sarah and I attacked the garage. We finished everything in there and cleaned. I'm trying to make sure everything is scrubbed down at least once a week. Bob always looks a little shell shocked when he sees his garage. This way its not such a shock. Friday night I received a call from John Land at Gem Craft. Apparently the order that I had made with Aid Pack had gone to Gem Craft. Not to Mine House. Not a big issue, except that his shop is quite small and my order was for ten rolls of bubble wrap and 50 boxes. Bulky items. I had visions of the shop being covered in bubble wrap. John wasn't worried at all, but both of us weren't sure what to expect the following morning. I agreed to meet him at ten and get everything sorted out.

Saturday morning Shanade (Dave's daughter) came up to help me in the garage. Instead I threw her in the car and headed down the valley. Luckily, for both John and myself, Scott had the foresight to put all of the Aid Pack order in the conservatory. Out of the way. Shanade helped me load and off we went. They we made trip two. My car doesn't have air bags, but I needn't have worried about Shanade. One of the big rolls had to go in her lap. She was probably better protected that anyone in the valley. She then helped me with crystal sorting. Byron collects bags of crystals and brings them home for cleaning. Shanade, having young eyes, is very adept at sorting. She is also very careful. Byron, meanwhile went to the mine to saw. All of the rocks that he and the guys had pulled were waiting. He brought me many tubs for Monday.

Sunday we took it easy and then went for a drive. Byron had not seen the Church at Blanchland. It is an ollllddd monastery. All of it is intact. Except for general aging. There is a woman buried there who died in 1880, who was 105 years old when she died. Can you imagine what her life was like. They probably thought she was enchanted. Talk about an old wise woman. We drove some more and had a pint at the Antique Pub in Allendale. Still one of our favorite places. we talked about driving to the Isle of Skye next weekend. So I think we will be on the road.

I haven't had enough coffee this morning. My internal spell check hasn't kicked in yet for the morning. I think I should get going.


Jonina and Byron

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