June 21, 2002

Hello Everyone:

I still can't believe that it is 2002. Anyway, we are doing well. We are quite busy. I now know what an ant feels like. We scurry about.

Yesterday everyone went to the mine. Byron has been amassing rock in the tunnel for quite some time. So we decided that the best way to handle this was to have a day at the mine sawing and packing. So when Sarah and Rob showed in the morning, we all packed up and went. Sarah had first real trip underground, and Rob sawed on the platform. She collected all the bits Byron had in the East tunnel. Dave and Andrew were drilling in the West tunnel, so we left them alone. Too noisy to work when that is going on in there. She brought the rock out and I got bins packed and organized. Rob, meanwhile, got a sawing lesson from Byron. Off he went. He took a quick look underground, but was glad to leave it to us. Byron began picking and soon we were swimming in rock. It basically took us all day to clear out one tunnel. 35 bins and pieces later. Both cars were seriously overloaded when we left. Rob seems to really like the chainsaw. Byron was quite happy with his skill. The hydraulic source crapped out midway through the day. At one point there was four men banging on it. Sarah and I decided that we were safe out of the way. They soon had it sorted out and going. I made a powder run at the end of the day. Time for another run to Kendal. Byron has all kinds of areas producing. He pried out a big plate from the East tunnel at the end of the day. It has been trimmed, but is quite a nice piece. Good way to end the day.

The weather has been truly cooperative for the last few days. Not clear, but warmish and non-rainy. We are enjoying having the road to mine dry out and the flowers reaction. The garden at the back has huge lupine and poppies. The poached eggs are spreading and happy. The Iris are starting to put up stalks. I saw a peacock on the road the other day. they are considered bad luck, by some people in the dale. Don't know the reason. Anyone know why?

We were going to drive to Scotland for the weekend, but Phillippa's birthday party is Sunday. So we will go next weekend instead. We thought we would try for Loch Ness and Isle of Skye. I keep everyone tuned in to future developments.

Did all of realize that this newsletter goes as far as Finland, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Europe and all over the US. We are a smaller world thanks to the internet.


Jonina and Byron.

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