June 25, 2002

Hi Gang:

I have discovered a couple of things. One my Demon connection is having problems and two its very hard to write every day. Friday, I went to sent my letter out and had to wait six and a half hours for it to get through the router/servers at demon. They appear to be having problems lately. Today, I had to wait four hours. Supposedly they are upgrading the system.

On Saturday, Byron and I went to the mine for the day. We decided that it was time to check the other part of the quarry out. So, we spent the day perched 45 feet up on a cliff looking for minerals. We were on a two foot ledge when we started. It was about five feet wide when we left. Not to worry I did not overdo, etc. It was a pretty view of the valley, but a bit windy and dusty. Took a really long shower afterwards. Still getting dirt out of my ears, three days later. Sunday we went to Phillippa's 50th birthday party. Was a nice affair. Phillippa and Jeremy had a string group there. Phillippa cooked all of the food. We got to meet some of our neighbors.

Monday, brought the usual rush to get the week started. I needed to go shopping, and we need powder. Byron and crew are collecting from the New Cross Cut and the Black Sheep Pocket. I am waiting for word about powder, and a new high pressure hose for the power washer. By the way, if anyone is looking for a quick tan, I could suggest the power washer. Byron is addicted to its power. But he comes home one uniform color of brown. Shirt, Pants and skin.

I've got to get back to helping Rob. Sarah is on a beach in Florida. So it up to the two of us to keep the up with the rocks. Talk to you all soon.


Jonina and Byron

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