July 14, 2002

Hello Guys:

As I speak Bill is in the kitchen tenderizing and marinating meat. Byron is updating his mine map. Cal & Kerith are getting settled in to their house, and we are going to have a barbeque. It has actually been nice for the last few days. Nice being no rain and shirt sleeves. A few midges, but otherwise glorious. This last week has been ultra hectic. Monday started with the usual Monday morning headaches. Tuesday, Bill, Sarah and I started to repack all of the boxes done so far. Wednesday we all trooped down to the mine to clean that out. Byron thought he had a 'few' bins and rocks to deal with. 41 bins later, we gave out and up. Still didn't finish those. Rob went back the next day, all day. Thursday and Friday we continued rewrapping the old boxes.

We have a potential buyer that wants our lower end. Problem is that it was mixed in with everything else. Generally we divide everything into two categories. So five days later we finally finished. My living room is finally back to a sitting room rather that a giant rock garden. We are doing well with the rocks. We have about a thousand kilos of rock. So everyone is doing well.

Cal & Kerith have just wandered into the house. Cal and Byron went to the mine this morning. Cal found some great stuff in the West Cross Cut. Byron burrowed away as usual. They both came back happy and muddy. Bill stay is almost over and we have the rest of the summer to go. At least after this week I feel organized and ready. The Isle of Skye was glorious, it was wet and rainy and extremely dramatic. Everyone is fine. Monday is a powder run to Kendal and shopping. Cal and Kerith are going to Costco. Sarah is going to the mine and Rob into the garage. Talk to everyone soon. We are working on photos as we speak, but still have a few technical difficulties. Talk to everyone soon.


Byron, Bill, Cal, Kerith and Jonina.

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