July 16, 2002

Hi All,

We got in late on Saturday and had called Jonina ahead of time to book a table at the Cross Keys for dinner for five. We had a two day overlap with Bill Pogue; Jonina took him to the Teeside airport this morning for him to catch a 6:00a.m. flight to London then on to New York and ultimately Washington D.C. where he starts a new set of operations for Fleet Bank.

Weather has been near perfect, I did manage to get up to the mine for much of the day on Sunday when Kerith,Jonina and Bill went to Consett to shop and Byron and I spent a quiet day working in different parts of the mine. The Birthday Pocket zone continues to produce and has a new large plate exposed similar to the big one from the end of last year's production; the West Cross Cut #2 is looking great and has similar quality and size crystals as the Birthday Pocket along with some stalactites just like the Black Sheep only the crystals tend to be much better quality, we are just getting started there so time will tell.

I spent a good portion of Monday morning, call it three hours plus, getting the box off to Jurgen. I can understand why Jonina was dragging her feet, it is a real project to find a big box, enough wrapping, box tape, customs forms, parcel forms etc. to get something like that off if you are not prepared to dive in. Will look forward to his reaction.

I will email Tim Troman later today to try and set-up a time to get together to go over the County Council forms and will call Alex in York sometime this week to see about getting together.

Off to Killhope this morning, they and all the other council employees in the union are going on strike starting Wednesday so this is the only time to get there before it is likely closed for a while.

Do you guys want me to make the effort to ship out some new production - small specimens for the show in August???


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