July 17, 2002

Much cooler and more overcast today but still no rain so a near perfect day for doing things.

We started off visiting Phillipa and Jeremy Rowe our former landlords who have converted Little Allercleugh into a business office - a very nice one. Phillipa offered to let us continue to use the barn for storage if we cannot find something else; they are currently renting storage in Stanhope @ 5UKP per week and hope to vacate it by the end of the summer and could/would turn it over to us.

From there to the Mine House to drop off some specimens and go over some details. Kerith and I will pick up Rob Watson's salary on our own for the next six weeks since I am going to have him doing what I used to spend most of my time doing -- sawing and water gunning. At 190UKP per weeks it is a bargain. From there to Stanhope to cash the first TC's to pay Rob then on to the mine around noon.

Kerith elected to spend the afternoon reading and walking around the quarry and napping. I suited up and started off in the Birthday Pocket extension that produced many of the specimens Jesse took with him. Since it was ungainly I spent several hours going through the debris sorting out little crystals and bagging them and opening the area up. Just as I got it so you could get to the pocket, Byron came and had me move so they could muck out the east tunnel in preparation for blasting. They are going to start bending the rail to intersect with the Solstice Pocket starting with this blast. I moved over to the West Cross Cut #2 and spent the next four hours having a gay old time,the most exciting part was when the plate I was excavating rock from under just decided to up and fall into my lap, good thing it only fell about 2' and weighed about 80 pounds. Turned out to be very nice with some great gem twins on it but a tad on the big side. Surrounding the piece where a number of nice stalactites and mound type specimens. We broke for home about 6 and if I've the energy will try and make the pub later this evening after dinner.

Regards to All,


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