July 18, 2002


Wonder of wonders, another day without rain, make it nearly 10 days in the Dale without liquid precipitation. Supposed to change to rain today and the weekend and stay cool for a while.

Kerith elected to stay home yesterday and do the laundry and sort of rest and relax. We are gone for the next three days to the Lake District to see Lindsay, celebrate her birthday and spend the some in the town of Penrith and go to Sedbergh to visit the antiquarian natural history bookstore there.

I spent the day up at the mine till about 3:00 p.m. collecting mostly in the West Cross Cut #2 till the pocket started to dip and die and the floor was coming up to meet it making further progress very difficult -- still a few nice plates in the wall but nothing like what I collected in the past two days. Byron, on the other hand, had a great day and mostly likely pulled out the best specimen to ever come from the mine. Think of Solstice Pocket quality with all the crystals gem, glassy and nothing with any white at all but move it into the 60cm x 30cm size range and have twin crystals to about 3.5cm scattered and clustered about the piece, this from near the end of the Birthday Pocket extension where it to is dipping down and dieing. Some damage in two spots, which will require it to be taken down to a cabinet, a smaller cabinet and a nice miniature but this can wait till it gets to the lab.

The entire cleaning crew -- Jonina, Sarah and Rob along with Andrew spent the entire day at the mine wrapping up production -- filled all forty+ buckets and we still have more to come down. The same crew will now be at the Mine House today cleaning as much of it up as possible. Dave Beadle has today off, school ended yesterday, so he and the family are going up to someplace SW of Edinburgh for a bike rally, Byron will poke around there and probably, as is his way, find enough to fill the forty odd tubs again by the end of the weekend.

I just received an email back from Alistair that he has some rail and have Jonina give him a call and is delivering timber today which is sorely needed. Most likely a blast on Monday at the Birthday Pocket, it is likely only about 15' from the back end of the Solstice now.

That's All Folks,


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