July 22, 2002

Hi All,

Listening to the British reports on Wall Street makes me glad that I am here and not there and can put some distance between things.

Kerith and I spent the day at the mine, nothing superb out but a lot of thumbnails and small pieces and a few very fine hand sized specimens from the West Cross Cut #2. Weather was very cool and overcast but no rain -- it is predicted for tonight.

We got home about 4:30 and cleaned up and put about a number of the thumbnails in warm soapy water to soak for the night then went up to the Mine House about 7:15pm to meet with David Rennison, he was supposed to have Alex in tow with him but something came up and it is postponed for a week or so. At any rate Jonina and I sold David some minerals - three nice specimens and a parcel of small pieces in bags - a mine run that has been once sorted on a screen to pick out any really good pieces and gemmy pieces.

Thatís all from here.


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