August 2, 2002

Hi All,

Well the weather here is the wettest I have ever seen, the past couple of days have seen flooding to the north of us and to the south of us but we actually had little rain just dull and dreary. But today that all changed, it has been falling at the rate of an inch per hour for the past 9 hours.

Our guest for ten days, Richard Busch, and I drove up to the Rogerley mine about 10:30 to spend a quiet day collecting with Byron. Dave had the day off and Andrew was put to work helping Jonina, Sarah and Rob water gunning and packing fluorite specimens from the last couple of days. So the three of us spent the entire day just collecting. Byron in the West Cross Cut and Richard and I about 15' away in the West Cross Cut #2. We had some nice pieces in our pockets, probably the best was an 8"x5" plate with a single gem twin on it about 1.5" plus about 5 kilos of small thumbnail sized twins. Byron had much the better of it and found a magnificent 8"x4" sized specimen composed completely of octahedral galena and gem glassy twins to about 3/4". Both Richard and I managed to get a boot full of water about half and hour before we quit - did not make much difference since by the time we got out of the mine our cars were isolated from the mine shed by a river of water about 3' deep so no mater what you did you were going to get very wet. We got home very tired, very very dirty and happy.

We are having Ian and Pam Forbes to dinner tonight, he is the director of the Killhope Lead Mining Museum and the staff is coming up on Sunday morning (assuming it is not too wet) to collect galena and fluorite for the buddles at the museum.

Regards, Cal

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