August 7, 2002

Hi All,

Not a whole lot to report, the past several days I have spent much of my time either on my butt or laying on my side digging in the West Cross Cut #2, I am digging south and Byron is digging north from the West Cross Cut and we hope to maybe meet by the end of the week. Byron has run into a number of large plates making it difficult to proceed, I on the other hand have lots of smaller material but much of it is cemented together with aragonite. Today, a few real nifty green fluorite clusters on matrix totally covered by snow white aragonite outlining the cubes came out. Monday and Tuesday, Rob Watson spent the entire time up at the mine chain sawing specimens, he made some headway though every time it looked like he might, just might, get ahead Byron showed up with a couple of biggies to be sawn up. We need Rob for the rest of the summer. I will pay for a further two weeks but after that UKMV needs to pick him up if we are to make as much 'hay' as we can this season, he has proved invaluable. I have been able to spend a lot of time collecting and while not as good or strong as Byron I have been very productive by being freed up from the sawing.

Weather of late has run the gamut -- Friday we had 19cm of rain, Saturday was perhaps the best day I have ever seen in England, Sunday was quite pleasant but clouded up in the afternoon, Monday was broken clouds and sun, Tuesday was cloudy with rain starting just as we were closing up about 6:00 p.m. and today was cloudy and threatening but did not rain till nearly 6:30 p.m. and then for only about 20 minutes.

Kerith and I and Richard Busch made a morning run into Barnard Castle to purchase a few necessities and two lead drain spouts for use as planters, believe you me, these puppies weigh about 30-35 lbs. each and carrying the two of them through the crowded market day crowd in Barnard Castle was a real endurance trial; got home about 1:00 and Richard and I made it up to the mine by two. I discussed with Dave and Byron about "scheduling" a blast for planning commission early next week.

That is all the chit chat from this place way north of Lake Woebegone.

Regards, Cal

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