August 10, 2002

Hi All,

It really clouded up Saturday afternoon and was sort of drizzly by the time Simon Harrison, Ralph Sutcliffe, Byron, Jonina, Richard Busch and Kerith and I went to dinner at the Cross Keys in Eastgate about 7:30 Friday night. By Saturday morning we were having intermittent rain, drizzle and generally crummy conditions.

We had Simon and Ralph spend the night at Burnbrae and Saturday morning Kerith put out a great breakfast of homemade American biscuits, English bacon and an mushroom soufflé and fresh ripe cherries and strong coffee.

About 11:00 Kerith and Jonina took Richard Busch to the train station in Darlington then went on up to Gateshead to the CostCo there and got back home about 4 in the afternoon. I took Ralph and Simon up the the Rogerley mine to collect a bit then we made a quick trip back to the Mine House and Burnbrae for Simon to make a decision on which specimens he wanted. He took with him some very fine pieces including our star attraction that Byron had dug a couple weeks back but this should ease the cash crunch.

After Simon and Ralph departed, I went back up to the Rogerley about 1:30 p.m. and spent the rest of the afternoon less than 10' from Byron. He in the West Cross Cut and me in the West Cross Cut #2 - I think I still have some grit in one ear where his water spray overshot and nailed me.

Byron got out a number of fine specimens and moved one HUGE plate covered on both sides and one side is very fine, not sure how we are going to deal with it yet. Will have to cogitate on it a bit. I was moderately successful till about 5:00 p.m. when I pulled a stunning plate about the size of the fine one Simon took - very comparable in my opinion but will wait till it has been water gunned.

Sunday is our BBQ and all fingers are crossed hoping for good or at least better weather.

That's all from this place way north of Lake Woebegone.

Regards, Cal

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