August 12, 2002

Hi All,

Not a lot to report from here, Jonina had Sarah and Rob up at the Mine House making a dent in the tubs full of specimens and Kerith and I and the mining crew spent the day at the mine. I think for Byron it was productive but for myself much of it was spent moving useless boulders in the 50# to 300# category from point A in the pocket to point B in the tunnel. About 4:00 p.m. I came down to meet Jane Douglas our case worker and Graham Kirkham our case enforcer - read that on his business card as 'development controller'. Both arrived at the back gate promptly at 4:30 we drove up to the mine and about 20 minutes later they recorded the sound level from the blast in the east face - Jane pushed the detonation button and the sound level was minimal - no surprise there and they left happy.

Andrew has policed the grounds fairly well and things actually look quite tidy up at the mine so if we get any further visits I expect the same favorable impression.

That's it. Cal

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