August 16, 2002

Hi All,

Not a whole lot going on over here but enough to give you an update. Weather has turned fabulous, it was actually very warm here today, perhaps high 70's, no breeze and some clouds. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80's -- well they are southern England forcasters so you can't hold too much water by them.

Yesterday and today have been tour days. Yesterday, Thursday, we had Ann and Will Robson who are our landlords at Burnbrae up and Steve Maslansky who spent the entire day at the mine with me in the crowded, wet, muddy Cross Cut side of the pocket. We had dinner that night with Steve at the Cross Keys and about 8:15 zipped back to the Mine House to meet the two Italians who ended up buying zip, they really want unbelievable perfection for under 100 UKP, no luck with me on that.

Today we had John Land up in the morning and about noon Steve Maslansky showed up for the afternoon. We had fair success in the same area and one wonderful small cabinet that just came up in the mud, as is often the case. Byron was working at the Dipper and I rousted him out so as to move one of the big boulders he was sitting on to make it easier for him to get access to the back of the pocket which has a very fine plate in it. We were having Andrew muck the West Cross Cut #2 out and Dave was drilling the new East Cross Cut for another blast. I had to leave about 4:45 to meet John Land back at the Mine House where he picked out a lot of specimens for the shop. Kerith and I are meeting Steve at the Mill Race around 7:00 this evening for dinner there. Cannot believe we have been here nearly six weeks and still have not had dinner down there.

Kerith and I are off tomorrow and Sunday and Monday to see Chatsworth, Bakewell and the Newark Antique Fair. Will fill you all in on the details when we return.

Regards, Cal

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